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Trin-Jam - for a Taste of the Caribbean

Trin-Jam is your online source for Caribbean food products. Here you will find dry goods, canned goods, seasonings, spices and unique flavorings to bring the exciting tastes of the Caribbean to your table. All the preferred brands are here -- Benjamin's, Baron Foods, Kenny's Best and Mountain Peak. Shop online for sauces, spices, beverages, fruit syrups and more.

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Trin-Jam brings the flavor of the Caribbean to your door

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Caribbean Flavorings - The essence of Caribbean flavorings is found in the use of the freshest, locally grown and naturally cultivated fruits and vegetables. Although the tropics grows much of the same kind of fruit and vegetables, the Caribbean region, with it’s rich volcanic soil had been a source of culinary flavor treasure. To date the Caribbean continues to export a variety of produce such as Yam, Mango, Papaya, Peppers etc. to the United States and United Kingdom. In every metropolitan area in the U.S. you are never too far from a Caribbean themed or Traditional Caribbean Restaurant, ready to serve up the best Caribbean flavored dishes for your creative pallet.

Caribbean Seasonings - Caribbean cooking begins with the freshest ingredients, fresh fish, chicken, beef, lamb, goat. The seasonings used are specially blended to enhance the taste. In certain instances the infusion of Hot spices such as the Scotch Bonnet Pepper, and delicate sweetness of Mango come together to excite your taste buds. For example Baron Green Seasoning out of St. Lucia provides you with an excellent blend of seasoning, using fresh ingredients such as Thyme, Onions, Garlic, Sweet Peppers, Celery, Shallots, Basil & Parsley. Just add this mixture as a marinade to your next Fish, Chicken, or Meat dish and prepare to be amazed.

Jamaican Products - Jamaica shares much of the same traditions in cooking with the rest of the Caribbean region. However there are certain items that are uniquely Jamaican such as The Jamaican Ackee. Native to West Africa, ackee is eaten mainly in Jamaican cuisine. The fruit was imported into Jamaica during the slave trade. Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica. The soft yellow creamy inner flesh is cooked the fresh herbs, onions, tomato etc and served with salted cod. Known as Ackee & Salt Fish, this is the Jamaican national dish. Another unique Jamaican culinary treasure is the JERK, know for the process by which the meat is prepared as well as the fantastic blend of spices used, this is a must have when traveling throughout Jamaica on your next vacation.

Yucca Products - Similar to the potato, yucca or cassava is a root vegetable flavored for its versatility. Yucca’s root tuber is a white, starchy, tropical vegetable with rough bark-like skin resembling a long narrow sweet potato. Yucca is a native to the arid desert regions of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean islands amongst other places, and yucca also has many herbal uses.

In the Latin American countries, one of the most popular ways to make yucca is to boil it until tender, add lime juice/sour orange juice, crushed garlic cloves, cilantro and pour warm virgin olive oil on top for a great tasty meal. In Jamaica, a popular product made from the Cassava/Yucca is the Bammie. After the Cassava is grated and dried, a flour meal is made with salt added; the flour is then pressed into a round mold and grilled. Bammie is a great side dish with fish or meat. For a great Bammie experience, try our Kenny’s Best Bammie. For additional uses please read the following information from Wikipedia:

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